Since 1971, the Village Pre-School has embraced children’s learning by creating wonderful friendships and lasting memories while providing a firm, educational foundation.
All of our teachers are experienced early childhood professionals. They are all trained in First Aid, CPR and the Administration of Special Medication.
pre-school fine motoe skills
The Three-Year-Old Program:

As this may be your child’s first experience in a school setting, we try to make it as secure and enjoyable as possible.  This will hopefully ease the necessary transition from home to the outside world.  Social interaction through play is emphasized.

​The Four-Year-Old Program:


The purpose of this program is to encourage personality development through individual and group activities.  This is achieved by providing time for play and social interaction.  Activities are designed to encourage growth in fine and gross motor skills.  This play-based program allows for the natural development of your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

The Four-Day Pre-K Program:

We are offering this exciting program for all students that are eligible to enter kindergarten, but choose to have another year in pre-school.  This small class offers individualized teaching and attention for kindergarten preparation.  The Pre-K class emphasizes math, science, writing and reading readiness skills.  This program includes Lunch Bunch.

The Enrichment Program:

A one-day Enrichment program is available in conjunction with the four-year-old classes.  We continue to encourage individual and group activities through play, planned activities and social interaction.  Emphasis will be placed on developing organizational, listening, comprehension, and sequencing skills. Basic concepts in math, science, writing and reading readiness concepts shall be explored.  This program includes Lunch Bunch.

Lunch Bunch:

The Lunch Bunch program is available four days per week.  Children have the opportunity to bring their lunch, play informally, and focus on specific activities. Enrollment in the morning class means that a child goes from regular class time to lunch bunch at 11:30am – 1:00pm.

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